What To Expect

Let us know you want to see us

Email us, call us, visit us, or check out our website. Any way you do it, we will try to make you feel safe and comfortable. We’ll speak to you to set a time to first meet, agree on where we can meet, and check if you would like other people to come with you (e.g. family/whānau, a friend, kaumatua).


Getting to know you

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting will be about getting to know you, allowing you to get to know us, and spending time understanding how we can help. This could be information, advice, support or counselling – we have many options.

We will talk about what and who is important to you, and what might be getting in the way of your goals.

At the end of the first meeting, we might have some goals to work on straight away, or we could set another time to keep exploring what is happening for you and how we can help.

Who We Can Talk With About You

We will agree who we can talk with about you (your support team) and what information we can share. We want you to feel comfortable talking with us, and will only share information that will be helpful. The only time that we would talk with someone outside of this team, is if we were concerned for your safety. We will talk about how this works and you can ask any questions.


An assessment is a discussion about your strengths and the challenges your are facing. This helps us both to identify what to focus our goal setting on, and to better understand how your challenges affect you.


Working Together

Hauora MAP (My Action Plan) - Wellbeing Plan

We will work together to create a wellbeing plan, to help you achieve your goals, and learn how to overcome the things getting in the way. We will also talk about how often you want to meet, where you want to meet, and who else can help.


We will keep meeting, either individually, with your wha-nau, or as a group, to build your skills to reach your goals. We can do this through mentoring, counselling, cultural and social work support. Together we will continue to review our wellbeing plan and make sure we are working together in the right way to meet your goals.



The whole time that we work together, we will be supporting you to make sure you have a great network of support. We want to help you know who can help you to maintain your progress, and keep building your strengths.